We spend a reasonable amount of time everyday in our bathrooms. Many times, we also use it for grooming purposes like to shave our legs, apply lotions or cologne. Sometimes, we spend more time just by taking a relaxing bubble bath over the weekend. To sum it all, we take care of ourselves in there.

We keep it spick and span when we have visitors. Many of us add flowers and plants (obviously the ones which can survive in there) to make it look more presentable.

But do we need a bathroom shower bench in there?

To answer it we interviewed few people who have the ADA compliant shower bench or seat in their bathrooms. We asked them what they use it for and summed it all up in this blog.


The bench offers a space to simply sit and do nothing.  Many of us prefer to pull a chair or stool or anything if we are tired but need to take a shower. We all are aware of the fact bathrooms can be a place where we think and plan our day ahead. This can be the comfortable spot for you to do so without any disturbance.


With kids and all the work, it’s difficult to just sit in the drawing room with a book without being disturbed by anybody. Here nobody disturbs you.


It is a matter of convenience for people with disabilities. It’s the right spot to put your shampoo and shower gel while taking shower. The handicap ADA shower seats have indeed simplified numerous lives.


Several individuals store extra set of towels, cleaning products, etc. in it and use it to sit and do whatever I need it for.” For him it’s a useful piece of furniture.

Now the decision is yours!! If you’re still not sure then why not look at a few beautiful shower seats & benches and then decide. And while making this decision, this link will help you out: https://www.accessabledesigns.com.

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