Our Company History

I am Allen Garrett, Owner and President of Access-Able Designs, Inc.  Approximately 34 years ago a 25 foot swan dive into 2 feet of water caused me to see life from a drastically different point of view. Upon impact, my head was skeletally disconnected from my torso and I literally crushed three vertebrae in my neck (C-5, C-6 and C-7).

I spent the better part of a year at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida fighting to regain what mobility I could. The road to recovery was excruciating and humiliating, but thanks to God, a skilled neurosurgeon and the outstanding rehab team, I regained enough mobility to live a productive life.

Some time after returning to my life I worked as an Independent Living Center Counselor. It was during my 5 years there that I began to realize the need for wheelchair users like myself to become involved in designing equipment manufactured for our use.

Being a quadriplegic myself, I know from personal experience the amount of danger and frustration other physically disabled people face on a daily basis… especially in the bathroom. Even ADA “upgraded” facilities proved to be inadequate for persons in my situation.   It is for this reason that I became proactive and created the following solutions for the physically disabled:

For the last 23 years our Access-Able Transfer Benches have been instrumental in helping hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, airports, convention centers, and even homeowners to meet and or exceed the ADA standard for their handicapped access facilities.   The inspiration I believe God gave me to design accessible equipment started out as a desire to make my own life easier, however, as is always the case with God, His purposes are always about others. If you could only know the fraction of the many testimonies I have received over the years, you would know that GOD IS SO GOOD!

The following are a few of the many benefits we believe you can expect to realize depending on your particular situation:

  • Meet and exceed all ADA standard requirements for handicapped access enhanced facilities
  • Improves ADA compliance ratings for facilities
  • Improve safety of bathroom(s) for physically disabled clients and customers
  • Reduce unnecessary falling accidents by patients and caregivers
  • Lower incidences of injury and liability to yourself and employees
  • Help improve recover time and money previously lost to repairs and maintenance
  • Encourage self motivation and independence in patients
  • Shave hours (even days) off installation costs
  • Retain or increase the value of your facility / home
  • “Mess less” installation means no cleanup

  I constantly receive reports of Access-Able product benefits by countless medical professionals, architects, hotel managers, and many other professionals throughout the years.  The following are just a few of the many benefits our clients have received from using Access-Able Designs products:  

Occupational Therapists report immediate benefits from use of Access-Able fold down toilet seats.  Due to advanced and more durable construction, Access-Able products are not flimsy and will not clutter bathrooms and will not need to be transported from room to room which creates hazards, liabilities, and inconveniences to patients and medical professionals.     

Hotel managers report immediate benefits from use of Access-Able 4-legged design of the SH-400-2SDL shower seat.  Access-Able bathtub and toilet seats bring value to facilities because they can easily be folded down on demand without the need for a guest to request a portable shower or bathtub seat that has to be located and delivered by hotel staff.

Home Modification Contractors report immediate benefits from Access-Able products due to easy and efficient installation compared to other shower seats.  Patented Wingits® fasteners allow Access-Able products can to be installed without use of wall backing. The use of the Toilet and Bathtub Transfer benches side by side have been reported to eradicate the need for a roll-in showers allowing homeowners to retain the value of their homes.

Due to my own physical disabilities, I envision the circumstances that physically disabled people are faced with on a daily basis and devise customized solutions to fit specific situations. Furthermore, if I do not have the product that you need, I will work diligently to find you the necessary solutions.   I have painstakingly worked to ensure that all Access-Able Designs transfer benches would meet and exceed the strictest of safety, ease of use, and installation prerequisites.   Do not hesitate to contact us as I realize that you may have many questions about Access-Able Designs.  I thank you for visiting our virtual showroom, and I truly look forward to helping you meet all your mobility aid needs.

Allen Garrett, CEO
Access-Able Designs, Inc.

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