bathtub-seat-467x330People searching for bathtub seats often get confused due to numerous options on the market. And in this process, they purchase the wrong product.

To ensure that you make a wise decision, we have listed some mistakes to avoid while shopping for bathtub seats.

Not checking the ADA compliance

There are various ADA regulations that the makers of bathtub seats have to follow for the safety of the consumers. Not checking the compliance can result in buying a product that’s unsafe to use. Usually, the ADA-related information is present online or on the brochures.

Skipping the warranty information

You can’t ignore the warranty-related information when it comes to products like bathtub seats. Get an item with at least five years of warranty.

Choosing the cheapest product

Cheap products might look attractive, as they let you save a lot of money. But, buying them can be a wrong decision, as the quality is usually poor. No doubt it is wise to compare the prices of different products, but you shouldn’t finalize the seat solely on the base of the price.

Not checking the material

It is imperative that you check what your seat is made up of. Try selecting the one that is designed using stainless steel, as it is tough, lightweight, and corrosion resistant.

If you avoid the above mistakes, you will get an clamp-on bathtub seat that lasts for decades. For such seats, you trust Access-Able Designs. Order these seats from here:

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