Reversible Bathroom Bench from Seachrome

ADA Compliant Reversible Shower Bench from Seachrome available on

There are plenty of benefits linked to shower benches. They offer safety to people with limited mobility by decreasing the risk of falling. The individuals feel more empowered and independent this way.

While checking the options online, you might have come across padded shower benches. So, how are they different from the regular ones? To offer the clarity, we have discussed the difference between padded and unpadded shower benches.

Padded benches

For the individuals who prefer taking long showers, the padded bench is the right choice. These benches offer more comfort than hard-surfaced variants. They are ideal for boney and thin individuals.

Unpadded benches

When compared to the padded bench, this variant is inexpensive. Pushing down its hard surface is easier. It also comes with less friction than the padded one.

At Access Able Design, you can choose from padded Naughahyde and phenolic top while ordering your shower bench. We have a huge range of ADA shower benches, which means the dimensions and maximum capacity complies as per ADA regulations.

Some of the options include wall mounted transfer benches and reversible shower transfer seats. The latter ones are designed to suit a range of individual needs. Various hospitals and hotels also rely upon this portal to meet their shower bench-related needs.

Currently, we are offering Fall Season sale where you can get numerous benches at highly discounted prices. To order these ADA shower benches online, check this link: You can order these benches via phone: (877) 853-7816.

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