BATHROOM BENCHES : Looking for Bathroom Benches? At AccessAbledesigns.com we have strong, dependable bench seats for the shower, or bath. We are your source for shower, tub, and transfer benches. With a large variety of heavy-duty, stainless steel framed, folding shower, tub, and lavatory seats. Looking for various sizes and materials? We’ve got them.

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ADA Compliant Folding Shower Transfer Bench LEFT hand SH-400-2SDL


ADA Compliant Folding Shower Transfer Bench SH-420-2SDL

$529.00$1,034.00 $359.00$699.00

Portable Clamp-On Tub Seat SH-426

$459.00 $329.00

Teak Wood Portable Clamp-On Tub Seat SHT-426

$599.00 $469.00

Portable Tub/Shower Transfer Bench SH-425

$599.00 $479.00$499.00

Teak Wood Portable Tub/Shower Transfer Bench SHT-425

$699.00 $579.00$599.00

Bariatric Shower Bench SH-430-3SDL

$899.00 $799.00

Reversible Shower Transfer Seats SHLR-400

$398.00 $268.00

Wall Mounted Shower Transfer Bench SH-410

$349.00 $229.00

Rear Mount Tub Transfer Bench w/o Legs SH-414

$499.00 $339.00

Tub Transfer Bench SH-414-2SDL

$499.00 $399.00
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