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Grab Bars
ADA Compliant Hand Shower Mounted on Slide Bar available on AccessAbleDesigns.com
ADA Hand Shower Mounted on Slide Bar, Adjustable Handheld Shower with 28” Slide Bar, on/off Button $169.00 $129.00

Model IGAT-90

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Product Details:
  • Lifts 400 lbs. at 55-60 PSI operating pressure, depending on weight of accessories
  • Portable – lifts out and rolls away with no tools
  • Lift height in raised position – 6’1″
  • Stationary cylinder-side armrest
  • Flip-up footrest
  • Deck mounting socket and socket cover and seatbelt
  • White seat
  • Sign indicating pool lift availability
  • Flip-up armrest*
  • Full-support adjustable headrest*
  • Chest and lap belts*
  • Blue or green seats*
  • Vinyl-liner wall pad*
  • Rescue board attachment*
  • Custom changes available including higher weight capacities

Aquatic Access provides and can modify a variety of lifts to meet the broad range of needs in public and private facilities. Standard lifts are water-pressure powered. Lifting capacities above are based on operating (flowing) pressure. A static pressure measurement (at the faucet with no water flowing) may have to be approximately 10% higher to achieve the rated load. The standard lift model has a vertical seat travel of 42″ and two stationary armrests on the seat.

* Note that the pressure required for a faucet or hose connection is approximately 10% higher to achieve our rated load.

** Opposite facing (opposite turn) units available (custom charges may apply).


For those who can do a diagonal or front-pivot transfer, the Model IGAT-90 may be ideal for a home or private pool. Access for transfer is best with small or no gutter. The seat rotates backward (counter-clockwise) into water, and forward when exiting. The standard seat has two stationary arms. Refer to the Dimensional Worksheet for required dimensions when ordering.

Static pressure (measured at faucet or hose with no water flowing) is affected by variables in the material, length, diameter and rigidity of the water lines and hoses from the street to the lift, and by how many other faucets are open at the same time. Operating pressure requirement (measured while lifting) is not affected by these variables.

** Opposite facing (opposite turn) and heavy-duty units available (custom charges may apply)



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