I am Allen Garrett, Owner and President of Access-Able Designs, Inc. Approximately 34 years ago a 25 foot swan dive into 2 feet of water caused me to see life from a drastically different point of view. Upon impact, my head was skeletally disconnected from my torso and I literally crushed three vertebrae in my neck (C-5, C-6 and C-7).

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Testimonies & Testimonials

After a diagnosis of a spinal cord tumor, and sepsis I found myself without use of my body below the waist and with two below the knee amputations.  For several months the bathroom was my hospital bed but after some time I graduated to a bed side toilet.  While i am a big person I am not obese but the only toilets that would work for me were bariatric.  I would slide onto the platform from my wheelchair.  The portable toilet does not provide any stability so I would always require assistance since most of my efforts were concentrated on staying on the toilet.  I found Access-Able Design’s toilet seat platform and at first didn’t see that it would help as much as it costs.  I was so tired of having help to go to the bathroom I decided to order it.  A very simple installation and life changed.  I was able to get into the bathroom myself, I feel as stable on the seat as I do on an exercise mat.  I am able to complete all bathroom tasks solo.  Allen has given me a freedom back I wasn’t sure I would obtain.  The product is quality, and strong, I doubt it will ever wear out.

Christopher Starnes, MD FACP

 I bought my Bathtub Transfer Bench back in June of 2001.  That was 11 years ago. It is still in fantastic shape!  Allen is a great guy.  This company has great customer service!  I even spoke with him on the phone and he answered all my questions.  Great people to deal with!
Take care. Valerie

Access Able Designs has provided a product that allows me to experience daily independence both with using the toilet and dressing myself. I could not have this independence without the “toilet bench!” The standard bench model, which attaches to a toilet for stability, is what I use at home. I have set my bench at 25″ height. My mobility device of choice is an electric scooter with a seat that also measures 25″ from the floor. Thus I can easily slide sideways, back and forth, between the scooter and the toilet bench. (My arms are strong but my legs and feet need to be moved by my hands.) For dressing or undressing, my toilet bench becomes a dressing table. I always park my scooter beside the bench, leaving 3-4″ space between the bench and the scooter. This way there is room for me to straddle the space between, resting half of my weight on the scooter and half of my weight on the bench. This allows me to either push off, or pull on, my pants. Rocking left and right is helpful. The ability to grasp clothing with my fingertips is also key. It was a slow process at first, but I have gotten faster with practice. While traveling recently I tested a different custom model of toilet bench. I had ordered this from Access Able Designs because despite the good intentions behind the ADA, I have frequently encountered a wide variety of motel and hotel adaptations to these rules. So I decided to design a custom toilet bench that I hoped to use in any motel bathroom. I am grateful to Access Able Designs for making a test model for me to try!

My report is: this custom bench helped reduce the amount of help I needed from my husband. However, I was not as independent as when I’m home, because ideally the bench needs to be stabilized by attachment to a toilet. I look forward to using my “travel” model again! — Mariana

As a recommended ADA equipment distributor, I have been working with Access Able Designs early 2012. I have been really please with their can-do attitude, great communication, up-to-date tracking, and speedy delivery service.
There competitive prices are superb! I high recommend their service as they are very diligent to keeping their customers satisfied!!

Karen C.G. Mashiba
Operations Supervisor – Embassy Suites ® Waikiki Beach Walk ®
201 Beachwalk Street, Honolulu, HI 96815

Hi Allen, My husband remodeled our home for accessibility after a sledding accident left me paraplegic. He installed my shower bench and for the first time in over three years I am able to independently shower. The shower bench is very sturdy with ample seating for a safe and secure transfer from my wheelchair. I have shown my bench to family and friends, and all are quite impressed by it. This bench not only looks great but is also virtually maintenance free. I would recommend this to anyone physically challenged or elderly. I love the independence it has given me.

Sincerely, Rose

  • Access-Able Designs, Inc surprised me. Their customer service was great, but the quality of the lift was over the top. The engineers made sure the lift was made to our specific needs. It is beyond well built and they use the best materials possible. By far the best quality item I have purchased in years!
  • It’s still just like it was new. I had to clean it up after 10-12 years use, but being stainless steel, it shined right up.
    Thanks for excellent quality products.
    Truman Trekell
    P.S. You can quote me
  • Alan-
    I am sending this email to let you know how happy we are with your company.
    We are pleased with the quality of the flip down handicap shower chairs and your efficient service.
    I will recommend your company to anyone looking for handicap accessible products.
    Thank you,
    John Bridges
  • Cumming Construction, Inc. has been purchasing handicap benches for Fitness Clubs from Access Able Designs for many years and I can only say they are a pleasure to work with…I often have fast deadlines and need equipment in days and they have always met those deadlines and excel at customer service…We can’t say enough great things about this company or Allen Garrett…One of my personal favorite Vendors and just an absolute pleasure to work with…
    Janie Rolfson
    Cumming Construction, inc
  • Hi Allen,
    My/your (custom sized) shower seat is an absolutely perfect fit into a very limited space. Can’t imagine what I would have done had I not discovered your product line.
    I trust you are still driving around in that solenoid adapted pickup truck and making the most of life.
    God bless and I hope this mail finds you well.
    Jerry Olson Woodbury, MN
  • Access-Able Designs, Inc surprised me. Their customer service was great, but the quality of the lift was over the top. The engineers made sure the lift was made to our specific needs. It is beyond well built and they use the best materials possible. By far the best quality item I have purchased in years!