With so many shower seats on the market, it’s difficult to select the one that’s safe and easy to use. To help you in the process, we have discussed some tips for buying the right product.

ADA compliance

If the product says handicap ADA shower seats, then it’s a safe bet. This means the product has been manufactured in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Maximum weight capacity

To make sure the product doesn’t break when used, buy a product that has high maximum weight capacity. In case the information isn’t mentioned on the website, call a customer support representative for the details.


Are they offering any warranty? If you are buying from a reasonable brand, you will get a warranty with the seats. But, don’t just settle for one or two years of the warrant. Try getting up to five years.

Is it easy to use and transfer

The shower benches are aimed at easing up the life of the user. It doesn’t have to hassle your life by making it difficult to transfer and use. Ensure the product is easy to install, use, and store.


A lot of brands offer their products with a focus on the hygiene of the user. For example, ADA compliant shower benches from Access Able Designs come with surface materials that are resistant to bacterial growth.

We hope you will make an informed decision with the help of these tips. To order superior quality shower benches that are completely safe, visit this link:

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