ADA Compliant Bath SeatsWith plenty of bathtub benches available in the market, it is difficult to choose the best one. Each seller demonstrates multiple positive features that make the buying process bit confusing. What you can do is, ensure that the bathtub bench is ADA-compliant. This will ensure that the manufacturer has designed the product as per the minimum safety standard. There won’t be risks related to falls due to improper product design. This involves the maximum weight capacity and height of the bench.

As per the Standard 4.20.3 of ADA, the seat of a bathtub shall not slip during use and shall be mounted securely.

As an establishment like a nursing home or hospital, you can offer better care to your patients. Even the hotels and recreational activities can use these bathtubs to make their facilities ADA-compliant. This is something the establishment can mention the same in their flyer or website.

At Access-Able Designs, you can also get ADA bathroom benches at prices you can easily afford. Several individuals prefer stainless steel seat, while others go for teak wood. Both of these materials are robust and come with an array of unique features.

So, who can use these seats? The elderly individuals facing medical issues like arthritis and dementia. It is also crucial for anyone suffering physical deformities. People recovering from surgery or injury also use such products to ease up their lives.

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